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Mama's Den is the discord community for you and your art!

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With over 2000 members, Mama's Den is the premium twitch server of MotherSalem that has a focus on art where you will find ways to develop your own art, play games, trade inspiration, and lots more!

Come meet out mascot, Alpha, who provides you with daily art tasks, server currency, and giveaways!


Want to be an artist? Lets start at the beginning!

Learn the basics of anatomy, the ins and outs of your art programs, and how to shade and light a piece! 
Show off your progress and gain confidence as you grow!

Already know your basics? We have advanced classes for you!

Learn how to develop your values, Learn color theory and how to apply it to your work, push your artist limits with our many themed events!

Dont know what to do next? Try something new!

We offer various artist classes on animation, Live2D, 2D modeling, Game jams, and lots more! There is always something new to help you get through your art block!

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