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Live2D Commissions are

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To order a commission, please email me at OR message me on discord [ 🌙🔮MotherSalem🔮🌙#1313 ]

Please reach out if you would like my full "Will and will not do" list. I currently DO accept NSFW and Gore work. For nsfw products you must be willing to prove your age through ID.


  • My work is NOT to be reposted, under any circumstance. Commissioners may repost to public accounts, as is their right, all others may not.

  • Once a WIP is approved by you, no refund will be given at any time

    • If I personally need to cancel a commission, you will be provided a full refund​

  • All key changes must be made when the WIP is sent 

    • Any changes past this phase will result in a charge

  • All commissions will be paid by Paypal invoice

  • All Live2D commissions will competed within 4 months, but I ask you be flexible, as rigging can take a while and I will be working on multiple pieces at a time

  • You may not claim the artwork as your own​

  • Commissioned artwork is for personal use only, commercial use is not allowed (twitch excluded)​


To start your order, please click on the type you'd like above, or dm me on discord!

Base price includes;

- Basic mouth shapes

- Basic eye shapes, including eye smile and Eyeshine Physics!

- XYZ headshapes / Body movement

- Ear and Tail wiggles + physics!

- Fur Physics

- THREE non complex expressions of your choice! (FIVE for fullbodies!)


My base models DO NOT come with;

- Wings and wing physics (+50)
- Complex clothes (+75) [ all clothing toggles come with a nakey model! ]


Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out!

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