Commissions are

To order a commission, please email me at OR message me on discord [ 🌙🔮MotherSalem🔮🌙#1313 ]

Please reach out if you would like my full "Will and will not do" list. I currently DO accept NSFW and Gore work. for nsfw products you must be willing to prove your age through ID.


  • My work is NOT to be reposted, under any circumstance. Commissioners may repost to public accounts, as is their right, all others may not.

  • Once a WIP is approved by you, no refund will be given at any time

    • If I personally need to cancel a commission, you will be provided a full refund​

  • All key changes must be made when the WIP is sent 

    • Any changes past this phase will result in a charge

  • All commissions will be paid by Paypal invoice

  • Please allow 5-7 days for commissions to be completed

  • You may not claim the artwork as your own

    • All works come with a watermark, removal of that watermark will result in a blacklist​

  • Commissioned artwork is for personal use only, commercial use is not allowed.

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Painted Headshot - $50

Headshots are detailed and rendered, meaning they will be shaded, lit, and given fur/fluff detailing

You are more than welcome to choose the characters expression and background colors!

For cell shaded headshots (smooth crisp lines and shading, not a painterly style) it is $35


Detailed Fullbody - $80

Fullbodies are detailed and rendered, meaning they will be shaded, lit, and given fur detailing where needed.

You are more than welcome to choose the characters expressions and pose, along with any outfits needed

Please note that detailed characters (5 or more colors, many horns or spines) and excessive clothing/outfits may raise the price.

Fullbodies come with a simple background. Detailed or scenic backgrounds start at an additional $25


Emotes and Stickers

$20 per Emote/Sticker

5 for $90

10 for $175

Animated Emotes Start at $25 each

(currently no pack discounts)

Emotes will be shaded and lit appropriately for their size!

Please try to have an idea of what emote you would like before ordering!


Reference Sheets

Reference sheets start at $70 and comes with;

- Front view

- Back view

- Mouth and tail highlights

- Name and color palette

They will be completed with loose lineart and no shading/rendering

If you would like anything else, please let me know!
- Outfit +$20
- Sideview +$15


Additional works

Additional works that may not fit in the categories above! Please let me know if you would like something like these!
Includes References, Paintings memes, and more!