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Do you enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons? Do you enjoy using unique homebrew species that your Dm may or may not ban you from playing? Then the work within Beyond the Dungeon is just for you!

We are dedicated to creating the most unique homebrew content for both players and DM’s alike to enrich your gameplay and make your world a little more robust.


With both free and paid for packs, you can expect fun for any support range. Coming soon is our first homebrew species, the Arcknid, which will feature the main free species pack, and a paid subspecies pack with lots of goodies that include; lineart to make your own characters, Premade NPCs with art, and lore references!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram to know when our official launch date is!

Kl'eknaclik the Woodland.PNG

Check out the first race of the series 
The Arcknid!

Click the image below to be taken to the Arcknid shop page. External link to Etsy Store Page!

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